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Bulgaria, country come under the continent of Europe. And it’s a country spanning an area of the 110,994 square km in southeastern Europe; the country of Bulgaria is bordered by Romania to the north, Greece, and Turkey to the south, and Macedonia and Serbia to the west. The Black Sea lies to the east of the country of Bulgaria.

Presently, Bulgaria has a population of 7.4 million people which is chiefly urbanized. Bulgarians are the major ethnic group within the country, and the minority groups are Roma and Turks people.

Bulgaria Official Language

Bulgarian Language is an Indo-European language. Bulgarian is the official language of the country of Bulgaria and is spoken by a majority of the country’s population. Bulgarian language is a member of the Slavic group of languages and it is a close relative of the Macedonian language. For writing Bulgarian language the Cyrillic alphabet is used.

The Bulgarian and the Macedonian language possess several features that set them apart from other Slavic languages. The development of the suffixed definite article, removal of case declension, lack of a verb infinitive, etc., are some of the changes visible in these two Slavic languages.

What are the Minority Languages Of Bulgaria?

Turkish and Romani 2 main minority languages spoken in the country of Bulgaria.

Turkish Language

Turkish people who are Residing in Bulgaria they speak Turkish language. During the 14thand early 15th the Turks arrived in the region from Anatolia when the Ottomans conquered the Balkans. Turkish language is also spoken by the indigenous Bulgarians whose ancestors converted to Islam during the Ottoman rule in the area. Presently, In Bulgaria Turks form the largest minority group and thus Turkish language is the most commonly spoken minority language in the country of Bulgaria.

Romani Language

Romani language is the 2ndwidely spoken minority language in Bulgaria. Romani language is spoken by the Romani people in the country who are descendants of the Romani nomadic migrants. These migrants who are living in Bulgaria arrived from Northern India via the Dardanelles and Bosporus towards the end of the 13thcentury. These immigrants also continued to arrive in the country during the 5 centuries of Ottoman occupation of the area.

Foreign Languages In Bulgaria

A number of foreign languages are spoken in the country of Bulgaria. Russian language is the most frequently spoken foreign language in Bulgaria. 35 percent of the country’s population claim to possess a workable knowledge of Russian language. English is the 2ndmost frequently foreign language in the country. Italian, French, and Spanish are the other popular foreign languages spoken in Bulgaria.

Languages Spoken In Bulgaria



Speakers as % of the Population


Bulgarian Language



Unknown language



Turkish language



Romani language



Other languages




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