What is Eid Day?


When is EID Day celebrated?

Eid day celebrated in 3rd may 2022. and in SAUDI Arab states 2nd may 2022.

Eid day is a holy day of Muslims. And all over the world Muslims celebrate this day of EID with full joy and zeal. This event is celebrated by them after the holy month of RAMADAN that is a blessing of Almighty ALLAH given to the Muslims. before going in to brief details let us describe what the Holy month of RAMADAN is? RAMADAN is one of the twelve Islamic Months that comes after the month of SHOHBAN. Holy PROPHET MUHAMMAD S.A.W.W said SHOHBAN is mine month and the RAMADAN month is my GOD’s month. in the month of RAMADAN all Muslims who follow their Religion ISLAM they preserve fasts. they keep Fast when sun rise and then whole the day they dont eat anything and they just spend the whole day with patience neither eat nor drink anything. in-short whole day they keep worshiping to their GOD and keep praying for their Bakhshish and ask to GOD don’t sent to them in the hell, and give them Heaven. so that in this holy month their God remove the wrath from them and accept their prayers and forgive them. Their GOD forget about those sins that they did in their past. Eid day is just like the Day Christian community celebrate their event Merry Christmas. EID day is a very special day for Muslims in which usually they get free from their offices, Schools, and other kind of activities, only those activities are performed that are compulsory for life, like Hospital Medical Stores, General Stores. In this special day Muslims wear new dresses especially their child. and small child are given pocket money and they go outside their homes and enjoy with small age fellows. Usually they got free from office for 5 to 7 days. During these holidays they go to the tourist places with their families and enjoy their with them. give gifts to each other, they go to other relative houses. many of them invite to their families and fiends for celebrating this event. 

Another important thing we want to include here is that in a year there are two EID’S celebrated by Muslims. one called small EID (EID-UL-FITR) and another one called big EID(EID-UL-ADHA). EID-UL-ADHA is a EID that comes after  2 months and 10 days of small EID. in this EID Muslims slaughter Animals in memory of PROPHET IBARAM A.S. so this was all about the EID day and if you think we had have missed something in it you may tell us in contact form so next time we would come up with new information or we would update this article. thanks. 


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