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Today Global expansion and Globalization is the latest trend to have affected the world landscape. Not Amazingly, the 1 most important thing that makes this globalization and global expansion possible is the cross-border correspondence and communication. Along with the country’s culture, language, norms, and values play a vital role in making this communication possible and to connect the different countries of the world.

A country’s culture is more than just the way its inhabitants practice their traditions in the country —it’s a complete way of life, norms, communication, and values that shape up how the society is formed. This is the main reason why a person seeking to travel to another country needs to have sufficient knowledge about its culture, traditions and language for him to understand its people well. From the renaissance art of the country of Italy to the traditional practices of India country, these all cultures mirror the way of life in these countries.

So here is a look at the world’s top 5 cultures that have shaped age-old culture and traditions as we know them.

1. Italy

The country of Italy is Famous largely for its renaissance art, Italy is a south-central European country that comes under the continent of Europe with a border that extends well into the Mediterranean Sea. According to some calculates, every year approximately 40 million tourists visit the country, and this number is making it one of the top tourist spots of the world—the reason? Its historical architecture and sites attract enthusiasts globally and some big names such as Botticelli and Leonardo Da Vinci are just some to start with. In Italy many immigrants came in past years that’s why it is considered as a home to a vast number of migrants as well who have blended well into the architectural beauty that Italy is.

One other most important thing that Italy is especially famous for is its cuisine. The cuisine of Italy is not only enjoyed but it is also celebrated with joy around the world and chefs (a person who cooks food) globally laud Italian food as the most unique and delicious food in the world.

2. France

France has a strong history. Perhaps no other country in the world has a greater influence on history than the country of France, on the face of earth one of the oldest countries. That’s why known mainly due to its historical significance, like Italy, France is also famous for its foods as both country are the neighbor countries. France is also popular for its art, language, and locations and ranks second on the list of the Cultural Influence Rankings. Not only that, but this country is also 1 of the countries which have a ‘romantic’ identity and love, and its city Paris which is a very beautiful city mostly visitors visit and enjoy there is well-known as (the city of love).

The country of France is not just popular for its historical sites, it is also appreciated for its fashion houses and cuisine. This is the major reason why the name of France conjures up an image of the fashion trends that are a class apart from other countries of the world.  The French residents are polite and civilized people who prefer punctuality and greetings over everything else. Not only that, In france table manners are extremely deemed as important.

3. Spain

On the list of Cultural influence ranking the country of Spain is ranked on the third number, the country of Spain is a combination of the self standing nations that combined to form the Kingdom of Spain’s country in 1492. The country’s artistic heritage sets it apart from other countries of the world and is an essential part of it and parcel of its culture.  Of course, its ranks 4Th among tourist countries 58 million tourists throng its architectural sites every year.

Its unique festivals and celebrations are different from other countries of the world. Although Spanish residents celebrate the religious festivals with zest other celebrations also take place with joy and zeal Whether you are a tourist visiting the country of Spain for a businessman securing a commercial deal or for a recreational holiday, you are bound to be attracted by fascinating events such as La Tomatina where people pelt each other for enjoying the festival with tomatoes!

4. United States

United States is considered as one of the most dominant technological and economic powers, the USA is a North American nation exerting a massive influence on the world Business, economy, and politics. This is the reason on the modernity scale the United States scores a 10/10 and in the Cultural Influence Rankings list its on number 4th.

The USA country is a combination of different nationalities, languages, , and races blend with each other to form the States. With a 3.3 billion population, other than just its economic progress the country of USA has a lot to offer. This country is center of the modern world with its media and film industry that is a leader in the world landscape. This is not enough, its people, culture and traditions are different from other countries as well. Eating on the go is one of the interesting aspect of the United States culture practice or taking meal takeaways since its residents are too busy running from one appointment or job to another. United States has given grow to the “instant-cooked” food industry, lauded and available nowadays in all countries.

5. India

When it comes to traditions, old, religious, involving tales of yore, in many people’s mind the name of India comes up. India is also known as Hindustan and Baharat as well, there are three names of this country and it is a South-eastern Asian country that sits on a peninsula extending over the Arabian sea and the Bay of Bengal. And after China Termed as the 2nd most populous nation in the world, it is a land of magic, mystery, and tradition, and has an fascinating historical background as well.

India is home to a various religions, with Islam and Hinduism as the leading ones. This is the reason why its inhabitants are a sign of the religions that they follow. In the country of India, it is a common put into practice to fast for days—as a way to gain salvation from certain tribulations. Nevertheless, fasting here does not necessarily mean that the body eliminates all kind of food—only some specific foods are restricted along with quantity. The country also has a amount of different old and ancient tribes that still flourishing in its folds, and these tribes making it a rich mixture of cultures.

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