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United Kingdom Cultures

The United Kingdom is about the similar kind of size of the United States, state of Oregon and comprises the entire island of Great Britain (Scotland, England, and Wales) and Northern Ireland. If we talk about the UK’s population. The population of the United Kingdom is primarily Caucasian (87%), with black (3%), Indian (2%), and with the Pakistani (2%) making up the remaining population. Most people who are currently staying at United Kingdom they live in England, followed by Wales, Scotland, and the Northern Ireland. Normally, Britons respect emotional control. Gushing actions may be perceived as embarrassing. Welsh and Scottish people tend to possess a very strong sense of nationalism.

United Kingdom People and Community

Family Dynamic

Traditionally British families are small, with 2 parents and with 1 or 2 children. However, with the passage of time this pattern is changing in UK as fewer people marry, because mostly want to live their free life and they don’t want to get married. In UK mostly people prefer to live with their life partner like Girl friend and boy friend Culture is very common in UK, In-short once you reach to the adult age you can live separately no one can stop you to live with them. In UK Relationships with extended family are different depending on each family. And the most wondering thing in UK is that, it is very rare case for 3 generations to live in the same home, because mostly adults left their Parents and live their life separately as mentioned above with their life partner. In some families Grandparents help to raise their grand child in the UK, especially while a single bread-win and single parent works for their family and fulfill the important needs of life of their children.

British child tend to live at their homes with their parents until completing their studies in university or getting a job after their studies. As a result until their early twenties their parents pay for their daily life needs, their clothes and food expenses, often support them financially until they don’t get a good job and until they don’t get settled in their life. In the United Kingdom, mostly adult children left their homes after reaching their adult age and they don’t feel obligated to care for their aging parents the same way as other cultures in the world. And the most important thing once you are adult you can marry with your own will and you can choose a life partner for yourselves without the will of your parents. In-short in UK’s culture you have a freedom of choice of your life partner. Whenever they want they can get married, but now a days many people adopted a concept of girlfriend and boyfriend they just met with their partners once in a week for fulfilling their sexual need once, they are done they move on and may be next time they meet with the new partners for their sexual need.


Teenage life in the United Kingdom

From age 5 to 11 many children attend either a primary school and after the age of 11 they start a secondary school in United Kingdom. Public schools in the country are called state schools, and private schools in the country may be called the independent schools or public schools. In public school mean state schools, education is free for the students. Including football, Gaelic football, football soccer a variety of different kind of sports are played by teenagers in the UK. Football game specially Football soccer is the most popular sport in the United Kingdom. Most of them have an extreme loyalty to a professional football team, and football is a very popular conversation point.

Holidays in UK

Holidays in the United Kingdom include the New Year’s Day (1 January) and holiday is celebrated with full joy like other countries of the world, Easter Monday and Good Friday, (1 May) may day 1, summer and spring bank holidays, (25 December) Christmas, and Boxing Day (26 December).

Language and Communication Styles

UK Official Language

English is the main language of the UK, Official language of the United Kingdom is English, which is spoken by approximately by the 59.8 million people of UK, or 98 percent of the population of UK, It’s the most widely spoken language in United kingdom. Though, it is different from the United States English in terms of spelling, pronunciation, and pitch. Though world is like a globe and many immigrants migrated to UK for their jobs from all over the world, now they speak many other foreign languages including French, German, and Spanish language in the country. Other than this many other foreign languages are spoken in the country that we will discuss in of our coming article that we will publish soon. Or you search in search box about other minority languages of UK you will find it in future.

Communication Styles

An indirect communication style is typically favored by the British’s. Normally, People in United Kingdom avoid conflict and err on the side of the politeness in their conversation. Repeatedly, their messaging may be unclear to maintain the social harmony. Qualifiers such as “possibly” or “perhaps” are common in their conversations. And the absolute statements by them may be perceived as suspicious. For the British It is common to understate their fondness for something. Normally, in United Kingdom people are not overly demonstrative with their emotions. To appear relaxed and humble about their self-deprecation, Self-image is a famous form of humor in British culture. And in UK a dry wit is often appreciated.

Food in United Kingdom

A full traditional breakfast in the United Kingdom consists of sausages, bacon, baked beans, grilled or fried tomatoes, eggs, mushrooms, and bread fried in oil or fat. English dishes include Yorkshire pudding and roast beef, as well as steak-and-kidney pie. In Wales popular dishes are bara brith (currant cake) and cawl (a soup). Haggis is a Scottish national, ground sheep entrails mixed with the spices and oats, cooked and tied in a sheep’s stomach. In Northern Ireland area stew, Irish, homemade tarts, and pasties (small meat pies) are most popular dishes.

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