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Scotland is located north of the Great Britain and it is the one of the 3 countries (including the Wales and England) which makes up the United Kingdom. The country’s 3 officially recognized languages include Scots, English, and the Scottish-Gaelic. The recorded languages of the country of Scotland are all either Celtic or Germanic. English language is mainly used in the country, followed by Scottish Gaelic and Scots as minority languages. The English language that is spoken in the country of Scotland is a dialect known as the Scottish English. Its Celtic languages are either  Brittonic or Goidelic (Gaelic).

English, is The Most Widely Spoken Language in Scotland

The most widely spoken language in Scotland is English, That is usually spoken by most of the population, with 99 percent of Scottish inhabitants responding that they could speak English fluently as mentioned above especially Scottish English, if you are traveling through Scotland while traveling you will find out in Public places, in streets and in business places everyone speaking Scottish English and this is the main reason approximately 99 percent of population speak English in the country and only a small portion like 1 percent is speaking other languages in the country. And all of this came about as a result of the interactions of both that have taken place in Scotland and England during the history of the 2 countries. The Kingdom of Scotland region merged with the Kingdom of England region in 1701, leading to the arrangement of the Great Britain. Great Britain joined with Ireland in 1801, resulting in the arrangement of the United Kingdom. As an end result of this merger of the kingdoms, the residents of Scotland by and by shifted towards the use of English language in their daily life communication, in public and business places. Even though they use their own unique dialect Scottish English and this dialect has the high control of Gaelic.

Scots Language

Scots is the 2nd most spoken language in the country of Scotland. Approximately that is spoken by 30% of Scottish citizens. And this Germanic Language, is generally spoken in Lowland Scotland is often classified as 1 of the old varieties of the English language. Normally, most people in the country of Scotland (according to a 2010 study done by the Scottish government, 64 percent of adults in Scotland) do not deem Scots a language. The language which is evolved from the Middle English language was influenced during its growth by the Romance languages that is Latin Languages; from the Norman, legal and ecclesiastical Latin and French. Other influences include the Middle Low German and Dutch. Scottish Gaelic language has also loaned man words to Scots language, most of the words denoting the Cultural and geographical. Scots consist of numerous dialects, and no one of them being the “official” Scots. These dialects include Northern Scots, Southern Scots, Insular Scots, Central Scots, and the Jewish hybrid Scots-Yiddish.

Scottish Gaelic

Scottish Gaelic is the 3rd most spoken language in Scotland, which is spoken by 1 percent of Scottish population. It is a Celtic language of the Goidelic branch. Scottish Gaelic is evolved from the Middle Irish. Now a day there are efforts to restore an appreciation of the language, especially amongst the young generation of Scotland. Efforts are being made to keep this language safe and to spread more and more. It is not an official language, either in UK or in the European Union, For Minority or regional languages Scottish Gaelic language is classified as an indigenous language by the European Charter. Though there are many low number of speakers of Scottish Gaelic but still people want to learn about this language and many projects are working to spread it. In-short it increase the value of Scotland Culture.  

What are the Main immigrant languages in Scotland?

Main Immigrant Languages Spoken In Scotland

Among the minority languages are those spoken in the Scotland by diverse groups of people from other countries who have migrated into the country of Scotland and in the established communities in the country. And these immigrant languages include Mandarin, Italian, Polish, Urdu, and Cantonese. As the whole world is like a global village, and there is no difference between the neighbor countries. That’s why many these are many other minority, immigrant, or we may say it foreign languages are taking place in the countire and immigrants are using it while communication to each other in Public place, in Business and in streets. But keep in mind these are not that much spoken languages in the countries. If you have a look upon the Gaelic Scots that’s the 3rd number most spoken language in the country and only a small portion of population like only 1% is using this language in the country, if we compare these immigrant languages with Gaelic Scots they are far less spoken languages in the country. Even there spoken ratio is less but still people use it.  

What are the main Foreign languages spoken in Scotland?

Main Foreign Languages Of Scotland

European languages are the languages that are most spoken foreign languages in the country of Scotland. These foreign languages include the Spanish, German, Italian, and French languages that are spoken in Scotland.

Origin Of Native Languages Spoken In Scotland

History has always had a significant influence on the language evolution and development, and to examine a country’s language or any other Culture factor like religions, Its cuisines, and etiquettes you must need to to examine its history. The same is applicable and true for the country of Scotland, and its languages expose its histories with Britain, Ireland, Germany, France, Latin, and Ancient Greek, as well as the Celtic ancestry of the Scottish citizens.

What Language Is Spoke In Scotland?





Main languages of Scotland

English (99 percent)


Minority languages  of Scotland

Scots (30 percent), Scottish Gaelic (1 percent)


Main immigrant languages of Scotland

Cantonese, Polish, Mandarin, Italian, Punjabi, Urdu language


Main foreign languages of Scotland

French, Italian, Spanish, German language

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