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No doubt language is a very important factor of any country’s identity. Like the other languages spoken in all over the world today we will look in detail what languages are spoken there in Morocco country that is the neighbor country of Spain and Algeria. Here we go.

If we start from what are the official languages of Morocco. It recognizes both Berber and Modern Standard Arabic language as its official languages. Between 60 percent and 80percent population of Morocco population is Berber language speakers. French language is the country’s primary language of culture, economics, commerce, medicine, and sciences. And French language is used in schools and in government level as well. It is also used for courts in the country like if somebody faces any kind of case while living in the country they must need to deal with this language as already written it’s not the Official Government language in the country. All important notes that are required in the Government offices are also written and negotiated in French language sometimes in the country. But still Arabic is dominant language keep reading in next paragraph for better understanding.        

What is the Official language of Morocco?

Morocco’s Official Languages


The Classical and Standard forms of Arabic are among Morocco’s prestige languages. The Arabic dialect of Morocco is known as Darija, is the most widely spoken native language. The dialect compares similarly with the dialects used in the countries of Libya, Tunisia, Mauritania, and Algeria country that are mostly near to Morocco country that why this dialect is similar with these countries dialects. Another important reason of this similarity is that world is like a Global village, with the massive use of technologies like Aero plan there are no distances now between world countries. And because of this convenience these days you travel between countries with wasting a very little time. And this way people around the globe migrate so quickly and sometimes they got settled there in foreign countries with their families. And gradually they started to get married and when they born some babies, their child learn the native languages of that country and their parent’s languages as well. So Standard Arabic is mostly taught and heard in schools, mosque, and in administrative offices. Another form that’s the Classical Arabic form can sometimes be heard in the traditional formal addresses, Cultural and literary aspects and debates concerning religion. The Moroccan Arabic language on the other hand, is not written and it is used in streets and homes. Hassani Arabic language is used approximately by 0.7 percent of Morocco’s population, most of them inhabitants of the southern Sahara areas of the nation. And the other speakers reside in metropolitan areas such as Agadir, Casablanca, Rabat, and Marrakech.


Like most North African countries. Morocco does not traditionally include the language data in their censuses they carry out thus it is very complex task to determine the exact population of Berber language speakers in the country. Berber language is used in the rural areas of the country of Morocco, that’s why Its very hard to get the exact number of speakers, because in Rural areas people also live in those areas where Government team members cant approach easily, so this is the another debate However, and the speakers of Berber language in rural areas do not use it in writing. The language of Berber has countless dialects spoken in the country of Morocco. Back in 1990s, there were about 1.5 million Riffian dialect speakers which mainly used in the Rif region in the north of Morocco. The Tashelhit language ranks as the most widely and popular dialect, and this dialect is spoken in the Tadla-Azilal, Souss-Massa-Drâa, and Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz Regions. In 1998 there were about 3 million speakers of the Central Morocco Tamazight dialect, and this dialect is most widely used in the East High Atlas, High Atlas, and Middle Atlas regions of Morocco. The Ghomara, Eastern Middle Atlas, Eastern Zenati, Figuig Shilha, and the Senhaja de Srair are the other Berber dialects spoken in the nation.

What are the Foreign languages spoken in Morocco?

Foreign Languages Spoken In Morocco


In the country of Morocco the introduction of French language is attributed to the French colonial authorities who instituted it as the language of Government, media, and education. After acquiring the sovereignty, the country of Morocco initiated the Arabization process but also promoted French language when it strengthen and sought to its links with the country of France and with other European countries at large. In the new era and in modern day Morocco, French language is used across the various spheres from Banking, industry, education, government, and commerce. It is learnt by the Morocco’s inhabitants in the schools of country, and those younger who complete their secondary school achieve fluency in the language. That’s why a big number of population of Moroccans are fluent both in French as well as in Moroccan Arabic. But after reading all this hope you have understood it completely why French is used in Morocco’s schools and in Government offices.

English And Spanish

Approximately 5 million population of the country of Morocco use Spanish language. Particularly, those people who are residing in the northern region of the country. The presence of Spanish language in both the Western Sahara and northern Morocco can be traced back to the time when the country of Spain had lay the claim to the area and recognized Western Sahara as a province. Spanish language in these areas is most widely used in media and in the public discourse. Spanish language has been gaining the popularity in the nation owing to the proximity of Morocco and Spain and the high number of legal immigrants from Morocco to Spain. The use of English language in the country was promoted by the national educational reforms started in 2002. The language of English features in Morocco’s education, business, and the science sectors. Even English is most widely spoken language in the world its considered as a World Official language. But It is not that much spoken language in Morocco.

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