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 What are the top 10 Easter Activities?

Easter event is a very fantastic time period for our kids to have a holiday from their schools, as the spring is springing and the weather tends to be enjoyable (if a little April showery this would be more pleasant). If you’ll be joining your child while these holidays and have some fun with them, taking some much needed leave over Easter, this is the time to began planning some fun, family-friendly Easter event activities – and for Easter we’ve got some fantastic ideas. To be sure, in previous 2 to 3 years lockdown restrictions due to Covid-19 prevent us from getting involved in some of the usual Easter activities and to celebrate them freely but still we enjoyed a lot with our child, so for in this year the danger of this pandemic is not the same like previous years but still our list of things to do at Easter we’ve kept our suggestions within the government guidelines and we will celebrate it with Government instructions.

When do kids break up for Easter?

Easter Sunday this year was on 17th April 2022. Although the dates may vary between regions, most schools break up for Easter before this event for getting ready to celebrate this great event with full of joy. Most of the school children will then get a whole 2 weeks off.

Things To Do With The Kids This Easter

Over the 2 week Easter break if you’re worried and confused about the kids being bored and how to spend your time with you kinds don’t panic we are here to bring a new ideas for you to celebrate with them this Easter. There are lots of fun for avoiding yourself from this confusion, educational things you can do together with your child. Make the many of the special outdoors and enjoy the spending time together for free with your child, where all you’ll need only a waterproof jacket that you will wear and a sense of adventure. Here are some ideas to  enjoy with your kids:

1. Easter Animal Tracks Activity 

This is a very fantastic crafting activity to do with your young ones, and you know there are 2 different kind of ways in which you can make these animal feet depending on what sort of materials you have available to do this activity, either you having cardboard or sponge. And For both of these activities we will need to print our Animal Feet PDF.


First of all, select and print out your desired tracks of animal. Then you cut out 2 pieces of cardboard in rectangle shape, and making sure it’s the larger than your small one’s foot.
Using the printable animal foot template for this activity onto the cardboard draw around the template, then you need to cut out the track of animal.
Next, make 2 vertical incisions into the each piece, then thread through the some of the ribbon so the 2 ends are on top of the foot.
Once the Glue has dried now stick on your pieces to the cardboard, with the ribbon tie the footprints to your little ones.
Then according to their paint color choice paint the bottom of their footprints.
In the end, A piece of long paper roll and let them walk up and down leaving a colorful foot- prints in to their tracks.


First of all, in this method print out your desired track of animal too. And its same like the cardboard process that we have discussed above. Do follow the same guidelines. Actually these both are same process but there is a slight change into their names.

2. Go bird watching

Wrap up warm or wear some willies and raincoats then hit your local countryside area to spot some birds. Spring is a very fantastic and great time to watch variety of species. Because, This is a breeding season. Take a coloring sheet or even a tick list and see who can spot the most species. And in this season or short span of time don’t forget your picnic!

3. Start a ‘get active’ challenge

If you think that your family member spends just a little too much time snuggled up on the sofa and only watching TV, why you not use the Easter holidays as an opportunity to get moving? Yes you are thinking in a good way just challenge your family members in a day to do at least half an hour of vigorous activity, whether this activity is running, walking, swimming or even disco dancing in their kitchen. For avoiding getting bored keep your regime varied, and let your child by themselves play a part in choosing the activity for the whole day. It’s also the best way to burn off all those Easter eggs.

4. Easter Bunny Pots

First of all, using a white felt you create a pair of bunny feet, cutting out the 2 equal sized ovals.
Then you use a pink paint of pink pen or to add 4 small dots on top of a larger pink circle on each of the oval. And this action will create the paws.
Now it is the time to adding your greenery. And for this next step, you can either forage for foliage and flowers to add to your pot, or you can purchase some of the artificial flowers from any decoration shop so they last all spring.
To create a Curious Bunny simply you need to stick a larger pom pom onto the pot, and join your bunny feet by gluing the feet (like opposite side to the pink paws) sticking the feet to the pot, so that they hang over the corner of edge of the pot.
Next you need to take the smaller one pom pom sticking it to the peak of the bunny body. As if it was burrowing it’s head in the deck.
In the end to the surrounding pot area add your Easter treats. These are best for your decorations you are making for Easter and make a cute little gift too!

5. Fly kites on the beach

Until Sumer many people don’t plan trips to the seaside, but you could be missing out if you don’t get the advantage of this Event. Because, In Spring the UK’s coast is beautiful, with a smattering of the sunshine and the refreshing breezes to blow those cobwebs away. Take you buckets, kites, and spades, perhaps even the family pooch for an Easter day out at the beach and play there ball games that’s a very fantastic moments.

6. Plan a walk or a cycle ride

Get out of your home and explore your local area that are in your sroundings that you never visited before because of your busy life (like you are mostly work in office), so on these Easter Holidays challenging your family to plan a different route every day (or every other day, if you are in need of a rest). It could be canal-side Cycle path, a woodland walk, a day in the park or whatever you like that makes you comfort.

Easter activities for kids

Until now as a family we’ve already looked at 6 Great ways to spend your Easter holidays, but now it’s the very special time and time for the activities that are the big ones and mostly enjoyable activities – Easter egg hunts, Egg Rolling, Bonnet making and other egg-tastic activities!

7. Easter egg hunt

Without an Egg hunt it wouldn’t be Easter. You can either plan your own in the back garden or join an organized hunt in your local area.

8. Egg rolling

Sometimes, you know the simplest pleasures are the best in your life. Your must teach your kids about the centuries-old game of egg rolling, which began with the decorating of your eggs in whatever creative way you like to do. When they’re done by your kids, a nearby hil roll them down and to watch whose egg makes it down first and in one piece!

9. Bonnet making

This is a creative way and great way of fun to spend time over Easter, making a beautiful and joyful Easter bonnet decorated with paint, feathers, glitter or whatever else you like to do. And most important don’t forget to have a little fashion show at the end!

10. Easter crafts

As well as bonnet making activity, there are number of other Easter crafts your kids and you can do – from creating the different kind of decorated cards for loved ones to making the Easter chicks and even baking.

Hope you like these activities for enjoyment let us know in comments or in our contact form if you want more ways for enjoyment.

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